Patience Professional Dog Training

Patience Professional Dog Training
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About Our Trainer

Linda Figueiredo,

a caring professional and animal behaviorist, has successfully trained dogs for almost 20 years. Her approach includes analyzing the dog's environment, socialization skills, diet, breeding, medical background, previous training and dynamics in the home such as children, time owner is away from home, breed, age, etc. Linda helps a dog to learn or if necessary, reconditions or retrains the dog.
"Before I begin training, I spend time getting to know the dog so that I can gain its trust and respect. Working one-on-one, I determine their learning ability so that I can develop an individual program for each dog- meeting the dogs ability and level of development. I never force a dog to exceed its capabilities."

Linda's love for animals, her natural "gift" for understanding animals and her patience with both animal and owner enables her to customize her program to stop, prevent or change specific behavioral problems in your dog.

Using both Practical knowledge and skills, you can start your dog with the first of many programs, BASIC OBEDIENCE. For a minimum of 4 (four) weeks in a closely supervised, safe and friendly environment, your dog will learn: HEEL, SIT, DOWN, STAYS, COME, NO JUMP, LEAVE IT, QUIET, NO SNIFF, and so much more.

Customized Programs

Training Camp
Exercise Programs
Aggression Management
Potty Training
House Manners
Behavioral Modification
House Breaking
Puppy Socialization
Advanced Obedience Training
Finishing School

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What People Say
  • "I have a very big dog with aggressive tendencies and after a year of working with other trainers and not getting the results I needed, I was seriously considering giving him up. Fortunately, a good friend recommended PATIENCE.
    -Leslie Bromberg
  • "Linda has trained several of my dogs. It is a wonderful feeling to get back a well-bahaved animal."
    -Karen McKee, Rottweiler Breeder
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