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My sweet Fiona walked through life nervous and paranoid all the time. It was heartbreaking to see her this way. She would not allow other humans to touch her, and was a shivering mess if anyone came near her. She was also afraid of objects on the side of the road like trash bins, & for sale signs in yards also gave her pause. She came to us as a rescue at age 2 months and she has been adored by us since day one. I traveled from TEXAS to have my pup helped by Linda - Patience Professional Dog Training - and although the getting Fiona to and from were long adventures, I would do it all over again. The change in her is fantastic!! She is so calm, not allowing the external environment to dictate her emotions. She is more confident than I have ever seen her. I cannot say enough good things about Linda and her training. She is first and foremost an advocate for dogs and their emotional well-being, and THEN about their humans. I'll take that approach every time. We are amazed with Fiona's transformation, we've been home for less than 24 hours after a 2 day trip, during which there were many opportunities to put her training to use. My confidence in Fiona and hers in me is growing exponentially every hour. I'm so happy for Fiona and glad that she spent 7 weeks with Patience Professional Dog Training. You cannot go wrong trusting your dog with Linda.

Training with Love and Patience
Patience Training has been an outstanding resouce for building the trust, obedience and confidence in my dogs. I have done dog rescue for over two years, and Linda has trained and rehabilitated many of those well as helping to place/adopt them into outstanding homes. Linda truly cares about the well being of her "patients", and is always available for questions and review. I have had 8 "hard" breeds trained by Linda's loving guidance, and I have a great, loving pack. When I need to board them, they get excited and look forward to going to Linda's home away from home. All dogs are well socialized during their periods at Patience and are always clean and happy when I arrive to take them home. Linda uses gentle and loving reassurance in her training, and dogs reflect this in turn to Linda. The kennels are always clean and disinfected. My dogs have never returned ill. Linda always takes the extra measures if a client requests additional services; e.g. immunizations,etc.

The Best Ever!
I was referred to Linda by a friend of mine when I bought a very active large breed puppy. Although I thought I could work with "Annie", she had me overwhelmed! My friend gave me Linda's number and she asked me to bring Annie out the next morning. Linda not only reassured me, she called every few days, and was very patient when I called more often. When I went to pick up Annie after her training, I absolutely, positively could not believe it was the same dog. She transformed Annie into a well-mannered best friend. Annie is still her active, strong-willed self but she is very well trained and is a perfect companion. Annie wouldn't have lasted long with many families, but Linda has made her my lifetime companion. We are so blessed to have Linda, she has become family. Her facility is very clean and Annie and her older sisters visit often. These animals are my family and I wouldn't ever trust them with anyone else. I have referred many friends to her and all are very pleased!!!

The Best!
I was introduced to Linda of Patience Dog Training by friends who have experienced her as "tried and true" in caring for/training their dogs. Meeting Linda confirmed for me that she is exceptionally experienced and trained for this work, AND she has a natural intuition and solid common sense about what dogs/owners need to have healthy, co-existing relationships. My young male pup has been living with Linda for about 2 months and he is thriving physically, mentally and emotionally. Her accomodations are clean, spacious and environmentally secure for all weather conditions. She is consistent/generous in her care/training. Linda communicates often with me, explaining her training techniques and encouraging my participation as much as I can. Her approach to dog training and in working with owners is exactly the same as her business name "Patience". I know that my dog will be healthy, well-adjusted and well- trained when he's ready to come home. Linda is the best!

Words cannot accurately describe what a wonderful experience my dog and I have had with Linda at Patience Dog Training! My dog used to have so many behavior problems, and this training has been remarkable in making my dog easy to control. His obedience, temperament, and overall discipline have improved ten fold. Not only did she improve my dog, but she improved how I work with my dog, to ensure his improvement continued! Also, I feel so comfortable leaving town when Linda is taking care of my boy. I know he is safe and well taken care of, and among other dogs who have had very similar positive experiences. As soon as we get into the driveway of the facility, my boy gets so excited that he is back to see his trainer! I have recommended Patience training to friends, one of whom did put her dog through the training, and is tremendously satisfied as well! I will continue to recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog!

The Best In Town
I was referred to Linda of Patience Dog Training by a co-worker who had taken her dog to Linda's for training. My co-worker raved about the results. Boy was she right! We rescued a dog and realized he needed "doggie boot camp". Not only did she work with him on obedience, temperament, and overall discipline she also had to work with us on how to acclimate him into a home where we have 2 other small dogs that were older and not open to a new member of the family. Linda's suggestions and techniques worked beautifully. We couldn't be happier. We also board our dog with Linda when we are out of town. It's the only place I will leave him at. I know he is safe there and she treats all the dogs like they are her own. I highly recommend Patience Dog Training!

We love "Auntie" Linda
We were introduced to Linda, whom we affectionately call "Auntie" Linda by a friend. She is wonderful and really helped our family with our rambunctious lab puppy. She cares for my dog as if he was her own, including calls for updates and nearly constant availability. We will no longer board our dog anywhere else, and make the trek to Auntie Linda's where we know our dog gets special attention.

Professional Training
I took my darling but difficult puppy Jackson to Patience. The owner was fabulous and it wasn't long before I learned the problem was me. He stayed there for a month and came home a much better friend. I have worked to keep his training up (ok, I messed up a little) but do not regret taking him at all. He got profressional training and I learned a lot too!!

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